Monday, August 29, 2011

One Year (8/29/06)

Posting an old piece, as today is K + 6...the Katrinaversary.

One Year (8/29/06)

10:25 a.m.

365 days ago right now I am
having a love/hate relationship
with the television
knees to chest on carpet
wrinkled pajamas
covered in layers of fur
from numerous refugee felines

I am still
optimistic because
the winds have changed
veered slightly to the east
slowed down
and passed through
with a roar
but without claws and teeth
not as hungry as she looked

The air is hot and damp
in Mississippi
but my eyes are still dry
I am not yet changed completely
not yet witness to the winds
that would tear the shutters
off the house
across the street
while I watched

Much later I would be
in the dark
in more ways than one
and when the shock rolled in
its waves would carry me north
instead of south
uprooted like the
fallen along the empty street

Copyright © 2006 Melissa Lewis

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