Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012 Roundup, Part 2

On Thursday, Loco and I went our separate ways, as she went to get her skellie on with the rest of our Skinz-n-Bonez krewe in support of the always popular Muses, and I headed to the home of my dear friend and personal Muse Celeste, where a ticket to the coveted Muses ball awaited me, as well as an epic pre-party hosted by Celeste’s husband Joe.

After much imbibing of some delicious punch and other goodies, our pre-party crew headed out to the street to wait for Muses. We arrived sometime after the end of Babylon and near the beginning of Chaos. The revelry continued and the streets became even more crowded as Muses approached.

Celeste had made certain that everyone knew her position on the float, so as float #5 approached we erupted into the street, screaming and calling her name. When she saw all of us, shoes (Muses signature throw) flew through the air. One landed squarely in my hands (I wouldn’t have kept it…I earned my shoe last year by getting drunk and falling under her float…but there were others in our group who would have appreciated it), but it was subsequently poached by a girl nearby who plucked it from my hands. I should have kicked her in the face, but I didn’t want to mar the night with violence, as it had already been interrupted by a shooting a few blocks away.

After Celeste’s float had passed us by, we headed back to Chez Celeste et Joe to ready ourselves for the Muses ball, which was held at the Contemporary Arts Center in the CDB. It wasn’t too terrible a walk from their Garden District abode, but it would have been much more pleasant had I worn more comfortable shoes.

Headlining the ball was none other than rock icon Joan Jett, who still looks and sounds fabulous. Aside from rolling with my Bonez, which I will detail in subsequent parts of this Mardi Gras roundup, the highlight of my Mardi Gras season was standing about 20 feet away from Joan Jett while she belted out I Love Rock ‘n Roll. It was, in a word, epic. And I will be forever grateful to Celeste for allowing me to be a part of the awesome celebration that was the Muses ball.

Long live Muses!

More to come…

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