Monday, February 18, 2008

Bless me, father, for I have sinned. Perhaps I need a spanking?

Wednesday, January 30

Ancient Druids and Pygmalion

Hmmmm…well, they’re not really priests, but the all-male krewe of Druids parades wearing priest-like robes, and of course masks. They looked like Friar Tuck meets Michael Myers from the Halloween movies.

Creepy, but cool, and kind of sexy.

Druids was followed by the rescheduled Pygmalion, a 16-float procession that had postponed its scheduled post-Oshun parade and rolled instead on the much drier Wednesday night.

Included in the interesting catches from Pygmalion was a large plastic cigar that would have made Monica Lewinsky proud.

The Loot:

Druids: 53 beads, 2 plastic cups, 1 navy football, and 1 super-bouncy ball.

Pygmalion: 16 beads, 5 doubloons, 1 large plastic cigar, 1 glow stick

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